Proms at The Crystal Gardens on Navy Pier

Operated by Phil Stefani Signature Restaurants, the Crystal Gardens venue at Navy Pier is a stunning Chicago venue to host your next Prom! Dazzle young couples with a night they’ll never forget, with scenery from inside our tropical paradise, a dance floor to accommodate 1500 people and scenery of the city skyline and Lake Michigan.


From world-class cuisine to the stunning 50-foot arched glass ceiling that combines the wonder of the outdoors and comfort of the indoors, your Prom celebration will be one to remember!



Just how perfect is The Crystal Gardens for your next prom?

“Our school has been hosting our Prom at the Crystal Gardens of Navy Pier for over 15 years, and we could not be happier with the venue and their impeccable service.  First, the facility is absolutely beautiful.  My favorite part of our event each year is watching the faces of our students as they arrive.  The gorgeous palm trees, water spouts, high ceilings, and decorative lighting create an ambiance that is nearly breath-taking for our students (who are accustomed to school dances in our school gym/fieldhouse).  Even at the conclusion of our four-hour slot, I regularly see students walking around the site and admiring all of the incredible sights and sounds.  Second, the food and service are always of the highest quality.  Over the years, I have occasionally adjusted our menu out of concern that our students might get bored with the food selections (since many of them attend during both their junior and senior years).  But I have come to the conclusion that there is little need to do so, our students love all of the food choices that the Crystal Gardens provides!  And year after year, the staff has been wonderful and treats us (a group of over 900 loud and sometimes obnoxious teenagers) as if we are the royal family.  Finally, the ease and user-friendly process of booking events at the Crystal Gardens has been deeply appreciated.  I have worked with several representatives over the years (most recently Pete Laliberte), and their professionalism and attention to detail have always been flawless.  We look forward to many, many more years hosting our Prom at the Crystal Gardens.”     

Matt Moran

York High School Prom Sponsor



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